Tim gives thumbs up for Podium reinstatement

The reinstatement of the Podium Program is a clear vindication and testament to the fact that it was a good program for the Malaysian Athletes.

This was the reaction of former Podium Director Tim Newenham when asked for his views on the so called re-structured Athletes program announced by the Sports Minister on Wednesday.

“ I am happy that the Podium Program has been resurrected and this is good for the Athletes,” said Tim.

“ The review or post mortem that was done was not an independent or accurate review and I think that the Sports Minister was given wrong information.

“ We always believed that this program was a good program and now that the Minister has had time and opportunity to hear from the Athletes themselves, it has been rightly reinstated.”

But Tim also cautioned that there was much damage done when the program was ended prematurely.

“ Many of the sport science and coaching experts left and there is a vacuum that needs to be filled up in order to help achieve the key performance index for the Athletes,” contends Tim.

“ Getting the Athletes to set their targets is a good move as that gives them a sense of ownership while at the same time they will be more responsible,” said Tim who will leave Malaysia in April.

“ Over the past few months there has been somewhat of an uncertainty from the Athletes perspective and now they can focus on what is expected of them.

“ I am hopeful that Malaysia will be able to land its first Olympic Gold Medal in Tokyo 2020.”

He went in to add that some athletes were treated unfairly at times.

“ Now that the voices of the athletes have been heard, it is important that we move forward with one aim, to deliver the results for Malaysia.”