Time for Athletes to speak up

Perhaps it’s time for Malaysian Athletes to be as bold as this.

Forget the argument that critics might put forward that it’s not our culture to question elders or authority, the time for good governance and transparency is vital if we are serious on nation building.

We have several bodies that supposedly represent Athletes, like the Malaysian Olympian Association, the OCM Athletes Commission but they have been largely ineffective, just created for show.

Even the much touted Yakeb is not an NGO as it’s government controlled.

A body representing Athletes, which is free from government interference. Is much needed especially as OCM is no longer considered neutral.

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USA men’s and women’s teams have demanded an immediate review of its high performance programme after failing to qualify for Tokyo 2020.

Both national sides have filed a petition to ask USA Field Hockey to review leadership after citing that standards aren’t being met for each programme.

This includes the pitch at their Spooky Nook base which, the petition claims, has been “condemned by the FIH as unusable and is unsafe.”

The FIH recently announced Karen Shelton Stadium at the University of North Carolina as USA’s home base for the 2020 Pro League.

Both teams have signed a 15-point petition which raised concerns in talent pool and player retention, facilities’ standards, staffing, medical, sponsorship and budget.

The petition stressed “the dire need of a high performance director and/or committee to provide oversight of athlete welfare, training environments, and to provide independent, direct contact to board.”

It also claimed that the men’s team only has insurance capabilities for six full-time players.