Time to bid farewell, honesty never pays

This past midnight posting will come as a shock to to many but it was a tough 12 hours that I endured, the straw that finally broke the camels back.

Having given it a serious thought and due to poor health coupled with failing financial conditions, I have taken the step to firstly stop writing and secondly no longer be active on any platform of social media.

Suffice to say I have been used enough by certain individuals who were never sincere, so called friends that used my ideas and gutter journalism.

Sadly what we have today are several people in key journalistic positions who are so easily bought over in order to place their interest over being ethical, civilised and impartial in reporting the truth.

I am forced to undergo dialysis 3 times a week , not by choice but by necessity to stay alive., but will start reducing it down to twice a week as the MCO has put a tremendous financial and physical strain on me.

From using a new dialyser ( filter) each session, I had since November last year opted to use a reusable one, thus the reduction in the quality of dialysis. It’s just unaffordable after 5 years.

Life frankly has been a torture for me since March 11, the day someone dear to me went out of my life.

The motivation was no longer there, the fight snuffed and the manner in which some people in this industry ( sports plus journalism) conduct themselves was a sign nothing will change.

Ministers come and Ho and if one thinks that there will be changes in sports, just forget it please , for they are Politicians, they are easily smitten by certain civil servants who if checked and more corrupt both in terms of money and power abuse then the sordid 1MDB scandal.

But they survive the culling, simply because they are invincible due to similarly corrupt leaders in sports who run associations through sheer lies, often never batting an eyelid dispute knowing there is God.

Have these people no shame what so ever?

Frankly the desire to continue this fight towards cleaner sports and to live was slowly draining me financially.

The MCO has prevented me from earning anything to cover my mounting debts as a result of 5 years of not gainfully employed.

It is not easy when one spends close to RM4,000 a month on medical matters.

I never ask “Ed for handouts, bailouts and contributions – I am in this position simply because of one thing – that I write truth and many out there just refuse to accept it and go all out to destroy me, some gutter Journalists who get beaten day in and day out in terms of stories simply because they are lazy or owe it to their masters to hide the truth.

Since April 2018, a Famous sports leaders had promised me a job, but having been installed as into that position , he employed his cronies, giving them lucrative positions and letting them have a field day ruining the sport.

We had several meetings to discuss this and began from Sept 18 2018, followed by April 2019, October 2019, February 2020, but it was just an effort by this individual to buy time, perhaps hoping I will die.

But all I got out of it was just tons of empty promises as the cronies of his often endured to make sure I was never given a chance to earn a honest living to care for my 88 year old Dad, and I believe they dictate his actions.

Several times in my life I have been offered money not to write, I have time and again turned them down, even sending back money banked into my account, mostly via mutual friends and once even through a taxi driver.

I have four very good friends who have cared for me with true sincerity, doing more to assist me over the past 5 years then my so called family, who I dare say are doing well in life but forget easily what I did for them, that’s usual akin to a Hindi movie I must say.

I will be frank – the saying blood is thicker then water holds no truth whatsoever.

Dato Ow Soon Kooi, K. Maheswari George Koshy and Dato Manjit Majid have always given me support, at times financial aid when things are really down.

But what I value then and more importantly is advise on life, issues and living on the right path.

Dato Sieh Kok Chi is another individual that keeps motivating me to write truths, expose the culprits using sports for self gain and despite his own health issues is one of my biggest motivates to walk a straight line.

To these five fine individuals, my heartfelt thank you for keeping me on track in the quest to have a better , cleaner and honest system in sports.

But dear friends, while we have lost the battle, fret not, we will not lose this war.

When one begs, pleads and cries for help to earn a decent wage, it always comes conditions attached – that I cannot write this and that, I cannot write about this this sport, i cannot be given a PR or Media Services contract as our boss is close with the NSC DG, or you are just someone who cannot be controlled and so forth.

But certain people can even be bought with a whisky bottle, such is their sincerity while most do moonlighting , supposedly to earn extra income but in reality use their positions to legit their ill gotten gains.

Yes I am fully aware of the NSC DG’s hatred towards me and it dates way back to 1996 when both of us had adjoining offices at NSC.

I will not dwell on what transpired in January to March 1998, but suffice to say when one day I reveal it, even the staunchest of his fan will look the other way.

To be honest our sports is not run by “ clean” individuals, well let me say it again in a better way, most of our sports are ruined by egoistic , lying, dictator type of leaders who think that others are bloody idiots.

I have some very thick files on many of these people and institutions and will reveal things in due course, through another platform that can never be linked back to me, so go sue thin air and a ghost that walks.

Suffice to say I have in my own view enough good to deserve a place in heaven but strongly believe our paths ( referring to these scoundrels ) will not cross as those who wronged in sports will go to hell.

So until then, I bid goodbye, I know some of you will miss me for certain, but trust me corruption, cronyism can never be eradicated as long as we are surrounded by these sorry of leaders that do not care less about the sport.

This website will remain, to remind those out there that a bolt out of the blue is about to hit them.

And as a final parting shot, I call on the Sports Minister to investigate a police report alleging criminal breach of trust amounting to RM57 million as well as an internal audit report that laid bare and abuse of power that resulted in a RM59 million dollar loss.

But I think he will not do anything as it’s always “ never rock the boat” when in actual fact it sank long ago.

And to my detractors, remember to watch for the bolt from the sky as you will get your deserved rewards through karma.

Goodbye , till we meet again one day , be it on cyber or in heaven , I bid a fond farewell to those accustomed to my early morning rambling.

This is one ride that was never worth it, not when RM390,000 was spent medically just to survive the extra 5 years but the corrupt system won .k