TM – MFL fallout. The possible reasons

The premature termination of the partnership deal between Malaysia Football League and Telekom Malaysia has more if’s and but’s then factual details.

In what can only be deemed as a severe blow to Msian Football , the consequences are far reaching.

Let’s sit down any diagnose the possible reasons as to why the plug was pulled.

1. Who actually terminated the contract? Was it MFL as stated in the press conference or was it TM a few months ago?

2. Was it terminated by TM so as a way to get back at TMJ by the Federal Government as the former is very vocal on issues affecting the country?

3. Are TM claiming that they were forced to sign up for the deal under “duress” in other words forced into an arranged marriage?

4. Did TM fail to deliver its financial obligations as laid out in the agreement? In other words payments were delayed?

5. Were the MFL guilty of failing to provide or over promised the “ return of investments” ad stipulated in the agreement?

6. What was the amount paid for 2018 and the timeline of payments? Was there any breach of either party?

7. If TM is crying financial difficulties as an escape clause, then why have they not ended their National Team Sponsorship deal of RM10 million per year?

8. Were the constant blunders at MFL like the football awards, the Perlis saga, the fixtures issue, a bone of contention for TM to withdraw?

9. Why was the instruction given to TM vendors on the termination of sponsorship early February while MFL claim it is they who terminated the deal?

10. Did MFL use the sponsored money for things that they were not supposed to as stated in the agreement

There are obviously two sides of a coin and in this case the 10 reasons are a fair indication of just what could have happened.

The most likely or probable reason is the first on the list many claim.

Wait for the next course of action ad it is learnt TM will come up with a plan to stay relevant to Football in this country.

For now though the ball is at the feet of the Federal Government or rather Cabinet to dispel the notion that their GLC failed in their duty towards the citizens of the country.

Remember sports unites and governments fall due to Football as well.