TM Unifi Blow to MFL

TM Unifi are no longer the title sponsors of the M League?

TM’s Unifi brand was signed on February last year as the title sponsor for the Super League and Malaysia Cup following an eight-year partnership deal worth RM480mil until 2025.

It is reliably learnt that a sum of RM60 million was paid in full for last year.

The deal enabled Unifi to become the single largest platform for live football and all ancillary football programmes across Pay TV, Free-To-Air, Over-the-Top and mobile,.

While matches were aired on the Hypp TV platform last season, they have been conspicuously missing this time around.

This question was largely been avoided by the powers that be, both at MFL and FAM.

And it was only three weeks ago this blogger sighted an email from the TM team to their vendors citing that they were no longer sponsors of the league effective 2019.

The email further explained that no formal announcement will be made and was done today.

Efforts to seek clarification from the MFL CEO were in vain even though a draft of this article was sent to him via Whatsapp three weeks ago .

And despite having read this article on Whatsapp, there was utter silence, be it denial or confirmation on this issue from the CEO of MFL.

Finally MFL had to make a statement today.

Further checks with other sources revealed that the two parties were engaged in legal negotiations, hence neither wanted to comment.

So in other words TM have pulled the plug on the RM60 million yearly deal that was signed a year ago.

This is a second major sponsorship deal by MFL that could well have a premature end.

The other was the multi million ringgit deal with MP & Silva.

And there has been no news on the deal signed with a marketing outfit Ampersand Sports Sdn Bhd, an agency dealing with sponsorship rights, who was entrusted to attract sponsorships for the Super League, Premier League, Malaysia Cup and Malaysia Cup.

Ampersand had set a target to source a minimum of RM104 million in sponsorships for five years.