Transparency and good governance, wake up call for OCM members

Writing this article was tough. A lot of thought was put into it.

Was I going to be cowed by threats or was I going to be duty bound to tell the truth?

Up to the highest level in this country I have been made to sound like a sour grape, when I reality all I am doing is prevent abuse and corrupt practices within the sports system.

Several red herrings were thrown into my path, with hope of trapping those who supposedly divulged information to me, kind of “ insider trading.”

Individuals were warned, told that they were being eTched. But once again those who did this never excelled in sports or failed to comprehend The Art of War.

If writing truths can get one into trouble, then so be it, let’s all hide and be ashamed of our convictions and live of life scant of principles

So here goes, the consequences may be sure, I might pay a heavy price through well planned advanced retribution” but let the truth be told.

Firstly a flashback,

Sometime in February this year, the Olympic Council of Malaysia advertises for the position of Chief Executive Officer.

A total of 59 candidates reportedly applied and 6 were shortlisted for interview.

Then all mayhem.

When this website revealed that a certain individual was selected and named at the OCM Executive Board meeting, every step was taken to deny that report.

To an extent that minutes were expunged, a special EB meeting called, and the decision was changed.

Then came a formal statement that that was not the selected candidate and the chosen one will be revealed by end of April.

After which there was complete silence, the subject of employing a Chief Operating Officer and not a Chief Executive Officer was dripped like a ton of bricks,

However there was information trickling in – that head hunters were roped in to identify potential candidates for the position,

Only two OCM office bearers conducted the interview for these five shortlisted head hunted candidates.

Interview were conducted with a cloak of secrecy, and individuals warned not to reveal any information,

Suddenly in August there was a decision but the OCM EB were not told of any interviews or decisions.

Another red herring, that a candidate with HR expertise was identified and was to report December 1 after a three month notice period to her previous employer,

A leading journalist was even told that this “ malay lady” was to report on October 1, but he opted to wait rather then report what was told,

On October 1, there will be someone reporting it is said but no Malay lady as was tipped off.

Rather this chosen person, that everyone suspected from the beginning will assume the position of COO or CEO, what ever the power broker decides, will sit in the first room on the right upon walking into OCM.

Now this is for the OCM affiliates to ponder upon if it’s fair play, fairness and integrity of sports as their main concern.

Over the past three years, the OCM Trust Fund has disbursed between RM500,000 to RM700,000 per year to some 20-25 of OCM affiliates and associate members.

This financial assistance is to help these bodies run their activities or send their Athletes for competitions.

Now from what is being gathered, the incoming individual to assume the position of CEO or COO is said to be given a package worth RM400,000 per year including statutory contributions,

That accounts for a whopping 40 per cent of the total current wage bill of RM900,000 per annum for all the staff employed.

Imagine one staff being paid such an amount when easily 10 could have been employed for the same Budget!

Imagine one individual receiving such remuneration when members are struggling to cater for the needs of trying to keep their sport alive.

Financial implications aside, another key question is the necessity to have such a position and scant regard for the constitution and due process.

First let’s talk on due process.

Why was one of the six candidates that were initially interviewed not picked for the position?

Next, who decided on hiring head hunters and who approved the cost, if any , towards such an exercise?

Was this candidate identified through this head hunting exercise or was it another red herring?

Next let’s talk on governance and transparency and accountability,

Has the OCM Constitution been amended to include the existence of a CEO or COO?

There is, from the last I checked” no provision or powers to such a position in the constitution this rendering this individual nothing more then a glorified clerk.

More importantly this appointment ought to be transparent, hence being vetted by the Management Committee headed by the OCM Deputy President.

And more importantly was the OCM Executive Board made aware at their last meeting on the impending appointment for this position?

The OCM affiliates are therefore duty bound to question this appointment and seek clarification at the OCM Council Meeting this Saturday.

If the affiliates feel that OCM could splurge RM400,000 per year in this trying economic downturn, then so be it.

But if they feel that this is a sheer waste of money and not relevant towards sports, then speak up and question this decision,

Say your piece or forever hold your peace. That’s if you care or do not care about accountability, transparency and governance.

Let this not be an escape clause for one NSA to burden others.

Even the NSC or ISN head honchos do not earn such mega bucks and surely they hold mush esteemed positions but will now be rendered not within the pay bracket of the COO/CEO elect.

Enough said, now wait for repercussions and vindictive individuals with a bone to pick against me will be sharpening their knives or dusting cobwebs from their coats to relish another confrontation with this handicap. I shall reveal who when it happens.

But lest you know, I fear no one but God and I believe in Karma.