The Football Association of Malaysia were reminded to conduct a transparent investigation with regards to the fracas that occurred in the abandoned FA Cup match between Johor Darul Takzim and Terengganu t-Team last Saturday.
And the reminder came from the head honcho of FAM, Sultan Ahmad Shah who is the president of FAM on Tuesday morning.
FAM Secretary General Dato Hamidin Mohd Amin had an audience with the Sultan to brief him on the Larkin incident as well as the Disciplinary Board findings against alleged bribery of the Kuala Lumpur team.
“Tuanku reminded FAM to conduct investigations based on the regulations governing the sport as adopted by FAM,” said Hamidon.
“He reminded us not to show fear or favour to any party and conduct any investigation required within our purview to get to the truth of the matter.
“Tuanku also viewed the bribery allegations with concern and asked that no stone be left unturned in order to get to the bottom of the matter.”
Hamidin said that he has held discussions with the Chairman of the Competitions Committee Dato Apandi Hamzah as well as the Chairman of the Disciplinary Committee Dato Taufik Abdul Razak.
The Competitions Committee will meet on Thursday morning to go through the various reports submitted.
“We have received reports from the two teams, the match commissioner, the general coordinator as well as the match officials,” said Hamidin.
“We intend to call all parties to the meeting and hear their side of the story besides reviewing video footage that is provided to FAM.
“We have to areas that we need to look at. Firstly to decide on the outcome of the match, whether to award it to any of the teams or order a reply.
“Next is the question of the incident in the tunnel which has received a lot of publicity and I am told that police reports were also lodged.
“We will leave it to the police to look into the alleged incidents as we are only confoning ourselves to footballing matters as well as incidents that come under our purview with regards to the rules and regulations governing the M-League.”
Hamidin added that if there were any party that were found guilty of contravening the regulations, they will then be referred to the Disciplinary Board.
“Thus I do hope that all speculations be stopped and let the relevant committees so their job in accordance with the set regulations,” added Hamidin.