U TURN – The New Normal of Sports

When sports shut down in the country on March 18, there was concerns as to just how long and what damage will sports shut down cause.

As cases of the Covid 19 infections increases, so did the lament by many, especially those in Football, that a pro longed shut down would affect the ability to bounce back.

And those in the media jumped on the bandwagon, portraying sordid tales of unpaid wages, suffering of players, some supplementing incomes by going into food business

Day in and day out the public was given insights on how difficult it was without earning an income, once again it was Football.

Coaches were equally vocal, raising concerns about the long lay off might affect the physical condition , would cause injuries, a long layoff would stump the effectiveness of a player.

It was one story after another, with administrators jumping in saying that sponsors were concerned, financially Football was doomed

The cream of it was a paper and a TV station going on record to claim that some RM100 million was going to be lost in Football alone.

But Sports Minister Dato Seri Reezal Merican Naina Merican refuses to be swayed by these sordid tales.

He stuck to facts and figures with regards to the return of sports.

DS Reezal stood guided by the concerns of the Ministry of Health yet went about collecting data, stats and information from other countries, on the return to sports as things got better.

And the return was cal, calculated and gradual, never mind what the media was championing.

And on July 9 it was announced that contact sports training could return on July 15 while competitions could return August 15.

Music to the ears to those in sports?

Not really though.

Suddenly the same media that was clamouring for an early return for Football is now singing a different tune.

The media often accuses sports officials of doing a U turn, so who is guilty of the U turn now?

What ever happened to the suffering, the financial implications, the so called potential loss of form, the sponsors concerns.

Why this campaign to start the M-League only in September?

Football is not the only one that’s doing a U Turn.

Remember the hockey guy Shi was in the news every third day pleading for a return saying calendars were drawn up and SOP’s were in place?

He even wanted spectators at matches, saying that they were vital for the growth of the sport.

Suddenly a whimper of silence, from most of those who day in and day out wanted a quick return to sports.

When granted the permission, they go quiet, singing a different tune, that inspection of facilities needs to be done.

Did we go through an earthquake where facilities were damage?

This is an unseen enemy so what physical damage could we possibly unearth!

Other then the grass growing, really Football can not possibly give this as an excuse to delay the start.

It all boils down to one thing – money or the lack of it as sitting in their bums for the past 4 months , not at all concerned on the financial implications .

Really there are no excuses for not restarting not when the National Security Council has given the green light.

It’s simply boils down to one thing – silently some were hoping the virus pro longed so they did not have to do any real work for the rest of the year.

Let’s no longer kid ourselves, this U turn thing is here to stay, media or sports officials.

It’s a far more dangerous virus then Covid 19 and it’s far more infectious , despite it being a seen enemy,

Let the drama continue.