UniKL – poor organisation mars lovely stadia

It was their first home match, the first to be staged at the Tengku Abdullah Hockey Stadium in Bsngi.

But looking at it, there was nothing fanfare, no celebration, no pomp and splendour that usually accompanies of something someone will be proud to achieve,

UniKL Hockey has come a rather long way since they were established in 2010,

After having done well in the junior Hockey league, they took their ambitions higher, by playing in the premier league.

And last year they captured the Overall Title against all odds.

One would have expected them to break new boundaries in order to set standards for other clubs to follow.

Alas it was a disappointing first match. Yes they won 3-1 against TNB and that is reason to celebrate.

But let’s look at the scenario as a total.

Firstly the scoreboard was a joke,

Placed in the far corner, hardly visible with the choice of bulbs obviously sting. And it did not state who was playing who,

There was surely a “ tidak apa” attitude towards security as at halftime kids could go into the pitch to play around.

And these kids continued to play just beside the pitch where the fencing was low and a wayward clearance could have had devastating effects had any of the kids been hit.

Then the issue of the bouncing pitch.

It was difficult for players to adjust but things were different after the pitch was well watered at halftime.

To anyone worth their salt in Hockey knowledge, it is apparent that the turf being new will bounce and sufficient watering would help reduce the bounce.

Perhaps it might be necessary to water the pitch during the two minute intervals between the quarters.

Going back to promoting the game, there was hardly any banners put up in the Bangi area to inform the general public of the match being held there.

And in terms of promoting their team, UniKL should go a step further by producing booklets or pamphlets to highlight the fixtures and profiles of the players as well as the stadium in general,

Just looking at the match proper, there was nothing exceptional given that TNB had 9 Malaysian internationals while UniKL had three current internationals, as well as 6 foreign players,

There was hardly anything exceptional in both the performance and tactics of both teams and mediocre Hockey was displayed despite a huge investment,

TNB played as if they were in fire in the first half, but after that they were a pale shadow of a team that had players from the recent World Cup.

And UniKL should have walled all over TNB with the quality of players they had but were lucky to walk away with all three points as a draw will be a fairer result.

Now it will be left to be seen if UniKL will improve their organisational ability in hosting matches, the very least a public announcement system, some music during awarding of goals or penalty corners and proper control over access to the pitch proper.