Updesh was the first!

Contrary to what is being reported in the main stream media, Rashid Baharom and Shazril Irwan are not the first Malaysians to play in the European Hockey League.

That honour belongs to former Malaysian international Updesh Singh who was a member of the 4th placed team of the inaugural Junior World Cup in 1979, ironically on Paris , which Updesh later went to call home.

In an email reply to this blogger, Updesh also clarified that the two players still needed to secure the licence to play and Updesh Who is with the club is sorting the documentation out to enable them to play.

However a decision is only expected next week.

This is the content of Updesh Email for all to judge.

“ Just let me give you some history of the EHL.

“ Before It was called the European Cup. Only the champions of each country played the European Cup. Just like in football.

“ Now days it’s called EHL and is has been just a couple of years back.

“ I have played 3 European Cups with the Racing Club de France in 1984,1986 and 1993.

“ So you see I’m the first M’sian to play a European Cup which is called EHL now days.

“ I hope this replying to your answers. M

“ Now for the 2 boys it’s not sure that they can play in the EHL because of the late making of their French playing license.

“ We will only get a answer next week from the EHL. “

Updesh GILL