VM Chandran – A man who lived for sports

He was a person who never sought any limelight despite doing so much.

More often then not he always sat with the spectators whenever he watched a match at the stadium.

He was never afraid however to state his mind, always willing to pen his thoughts, on issues, especially sports.

But yesterday, the voice of truth was silenced forever.

The death of VM Chandran65, was shocking to say the least.

He left us too soon, for he had much more to offer both to sports as well as to society.

A former student of King George V, Chandran never forgot his Teachers and always wanted to appreciate them in his own special yet meaningful way.

This was somewhat a lesson he left behind – to always remember the good deeds of those who educated us in life.

Chandran was an extraordinary man, a successful businessman who was so passionate about sports – Cricket and Hockey.

I got acquainted to him through my former boss at YNS Mustapha Kamil.

YNS was a force in Hockey in 1990’s and in 1996 Chandran helped us secure the services of Mirnawan Nawawi, Maninderjit Singh and R. Shankar.

Mike and Mirnawan were given employment at his firm at Menara Haw Par as they went to pursue their Bachelor of Sports Science degree at Universiti Malaya.

Chandran always cared for the well being of sportsman, and he further roped in S. Suriagandhi, S. Shankar as well as forner Negeri and national captain K. Kamalanathan.

His desire to help Cricket was further enhanced with the employment of internationals Suresh Navaratnam, Rakesh Madhavan , Suresh Sakadevan & G Suriaprakash.

Chandran always encouraged his employees to improve in life and sponsored many of them to pursue courses such as Masters.

To mark his appreciation for the Dato Ho Koh Chye, he introduced a yearly tournament in honour of the Hockey great.

Yearly events were held at Penang. KL, Perak. Melaka. NS where the great sportsmen of the states were honoured as well as coaching clinics were held.

Chandran was one who sought perfection but at the same time used these events to develop leadership abilities amongst his staff.

Many a time when I used to drop in his office. I saw Chandran sitting with his boys, planning with such desire and passion these events.

He then embarked upon two cricket events in honour of his former Teachers at KGV. Kunaraguru and Kunaratnam.

It was indeed a fitting honour for these two gentlemen had given so much to cricket in NS and Malaysia.

And Chandran ensured that development of the youth was never neglected as most events had their focus on promoting the sport amongst the youngsters.

Chandran lived the dream – that sports unites and is used as a tool to foster friendship.

Many may have misunderstood his intentions hut the man was pure and sincere in wanting Hockey and Cricket grow.

He did his part by sponsoring coaches from Sri Lanka for Cricket, helped secure attachment stints for cricketers in Australia and was also helpful to the Malaysian Malays Cricket Association.

Never one to seek any limelight, Chandran went about doing his bit , often seen sitting alone in the background as others basked in glory.

His initials – VM meant Very Mighty, and that was very true of this individual.

He leaves behind five sons and his wife and our condolences to them.

While they lost someone they loved, sports lost an individual who was passionate and dedicated.

We will all miss you in our own way Chandran but be rest assured you will never be forgotten.

Funeral Details

Please be informed that the sending off of our dear Chandran will be tomorrow ( Wednesday) 22nd January 2019 from 12 noon till 4pm. Cremation will be at 4pm .

Details as follows :

Nirvana Memorial Shah Alam

Room 1

Tmn Perkuburan, Jalan Pusaka 21/1, Off, Persiaran Jubli Perak, Section 21, 40300 Shah Alam, Selangor

Family would like to request there be no garlands .

Thank You for your understanding.