Weightlifting Scandal: Former Adamas Director, OCM and NSA give their views

Was the fact that not much was done in terms of empowering Adamas, the Anti Doping Agency of Malaysia a root cause as to why one of the National sports bodies was suspended internationally?

That question was posed to the former director of Adamas Dato Dr. Ramlan Abdul Aziz.

“ ADAMAS helped to clean up in 2018, with some new initiatives, with close cooperation from the President and his Deputy President “ clarified Dato Ramlan,

“ There is apparently a rogue presence amongst the people close to them…a supplier.

“ None of the athletes took the option to speak up and identify the guy, even with reduction of suspension if they gave genuine evidence in identifying.”

“ We know, many whispers about…but we always need proof to act on anybody.”

Dato Dr. Ramlan said that he was in no position to comment on what happened after he was out of ADAMAS.

“ After I finished my term in January 2019 and the subsequent reduction of ADAMAS staff soon after…I really cant say what happened beyond that. I am sure they had done their best within prevailing constraints and limitations. I trust this suspension would wise them up”, added Ramlan who will retire on April 21.

For the Olympic Council of Malaysia, the suspension was a bitter blow to the sport despite concerted efforts having been taken to fight this menace.

OCM President Dato Seri Norza Zakaria felt that the efforts of MWF were justifiably taken into account, resulting in the lesser sentence compared to Thailand.

“ In fact, one of the first initiatives taken by the new leadership led by Dato Ayub, President and Dato Nasir, the Deputy President of MWF was to engage OCM after making a courtesy visit to the President, to discuss this matter in detail. ”said Norza when asked on his views on the action taken by the world body.

“ During that time we came with the idea of 1 year self-banning from competing internationally to send a strong message to the weightlifting community that the new leadership is serious in eliminating doping among weightlifters.

“ The new leadership embarked on educational and initiating steps like the the requirement for athletes to produce a doping free certification before allowing them to compete.”

“ If we look at the penalty meted by the Independent committee they have given a lighter sentence taking into account the initiatives taken by the association.”

“ OCM will continue to engage the association and support zero doping in weightlifting in Malaysia.”

And his views were echoed by Dr. Surinder Singh Cheema the Chairman of the OCM Medical Committee.

“ No country or International Federation will allow its name to be tarnished by doping,” contends Dr. Cheema.

“ After repeated offences, drastic action had to be taken by the International Federation and National Association.”

“ The National Association must investigate thoroughly, not only the takers but the suppliers as well.”

“ We can’t let this happen again and again .Take drastic action against those involved or else wrong message would be sent to the young athletes.”

Meanwhile the President of Squash Racquets Associations of Malaysia Nik Razeen Daud has called for the setting up of an independent inquiry.

“ At the very least they should ask OCM to appoint an independent committee to conduct an investigation into this matter” said Nik Razeen.

“ There should be an SOP for OCM. There is also no formal affiliation document between OCM and the NSAs spelling out the terms of their membership in the Executive Council.”

“ As part of that document, the NSAs must accept OCM’s powers.”