When cliche statements bore you

This is something for all to ponder!

Each time we watch TV or read the newspaper, one will come across cliche remarks uttered by our officials and Athletes.

And it’s really sickening to hear such remarks being passed day in and day out.

Some of the most boring and unimaginative remarks are ;

The ball is round.

I will give my best for the country.

This win is for my parents.

All our gratitude to KBS, MSN and ISN ( this must have been drilled into them)

I did my best but it was not my day ( rezeki)

That’s just a few of the endless remarks that come out of their mouths when a microphone or a recorder ( a handphone) is shoved to them.

Largely the types of questions posed attribute to these type of answers as many journalist play safe and ask normal one liner questions, largely due to their lack of knowledge and failure to do enough research on the subject matter.

Gone are the days when athletes and officials used to shiver at the sight of a few journalists who end up asking questions that many fear to even fathom,

All of this boils down to training and the guidance they receive.

Look at how Brendan Gan resounded after his match winning performance against Thailand ( although the journalist”s English was out of the world).

Brendan was composed, precise and above knew what to say, both in terms of tactical as well as the overall scenario.

More often then not we hear this one word “ god willing or insha-allah.

One particular person repeats this several times in a single remark.

So if everything is “ god willing” then why are you there, let’s leave it to God to run your sport!

Effort, dedication, sacrifice, passion, discipline – these are attributes that one needs within themselves that even God cannot help.

So why is it that the greatest sports body in Malaysia – the National Sports Council , has not done anything to overcome this malady?

Yes we perfectly understand that every sports official or athlete goes out of the way to thank the NSC for their success.

But wait a minute here, should you not be thanking the rakyat instead!

The NSC are merely guardians of the tax payers money allocated towards grass root as well as high performance sports.

So why thank then when every official there is paid wages.

It is the right of the NSA’s and Athletes to get their deserved funding, so why thank them unless it’s a scripted instruction.

And one remark really was outstanding this morning,

Granted the shooters failed to qualify for the Olympics and are hoping for a wild card.

To my shock, the official has the gall to say we will discuss with NSC on the wild card!!!

If you do not know how the system works, no wonder our athletes failed.

Sports is the domain of the national federation who is affiliated to the international federation and in turn to the International Olympic Committee.

So tell me where NDC can lobby for your sport to be given a wild card?

Some officials cannot even write proper English if required to save themselves from being hanged.

Imagine one supposedly highly educated person made numerous grammatical errors in the statement justifying a decision to hang on to a position after a series of failures.

And ends up saying it’s the “ calling” to continue to serve.

Do the nation a big favour, let this be your going instead.