When Negeri fails to remember the past.

Consistency in s what lacks in n appreciation of those who served diligently.

Take a classic example of the late S. Satgunam.

He was the former Hon. Secretary of the Negeri Sembilan Hockey Association.

He passed away in September 2004 due to a heart attach, much to early if one was to recount.

He served largely in the early 80’s, being Competitions Secretary both at NSHA and later in at Malaysian Hockey Federation..

His forte was competitions , ability , to come up with fair and justified scheduling second time none and he also planned the hockey calendar to precision.

Satgunam moved on to MHF in August 1988, defeating the then incumbent S. Perampalam and served until his untimely death in 2004.

Cool, calm, dedicated to the core, Satgunam loved hickey, loved it so much that he ignored his health, with a family pining for attention.

Many of us ended up licking stamps , including his family, in order to have some quality tine with him.

Those were the days where sending emails was not uses and all communications was via letter.

Even with modern technology lacking, Satgunam was a class act, updates streaming in through one’s postbox.

Hockey enthusiasts in the country were updated and there was great transparency and accountability, one of the virtues Satgunam was often associated with.

But what did Satgunam receive as a reward?

Nothing actually as he was never bestowed a national or state “ Datoship” as opposed to many who are decorated with even doing an iota of deliverables that Satgunam had done.

Satgunam was never after rewards but when we opt to honour this great individual, it’s only fair to continue it.

There was a feeble effort to honour Satgunam with a Six A Side Tournament for a few years, three if I am not wrong, but it was silently forgotten.

It was always a mystery why this tournament had mysteriously disappeared and NSHA is to be held accountable.

Well NSHA should also clear the air as to why another tournament, the XA Nicholas Trophy was discontinued.

For those who have no inkling, the XA Nicolas Trophy was a quadrangular held two weeks before the Tun Razsk Cup at the famed NS Padang.

XA Nicholas was the President of NSHA.

Another trophy that was just left to die was the MT Lingam Trophy, organised annually by the Negeri Sembilan Ceylonese Association.

This tournament used to draw record number of trans and held over two days and the four grass pitches of NS Padang.

If only those who had held the reins if NSHA fir well over 29 years doing virtually nothing but collecting state awards will understand the value of the past.

The days where administrators operated from their houses, car booths, beg and borrow to send teams to national tournaments , using family members as staff to carry out association work, struggle to collect playing attire back from players, more often then not their better half washing them and the garden of their humble homes drying them.

Value this – without the past there would have been no future.

If you know you are no longer capable, just step aside.

But do not come out with this sport of an excuse – “ not happy then take us on at the elections”.

Yeah right, with a manipulated affiliation system as “ dead” clubs are retained to be vote banks.