When one insults handicaps , he instead is handicap

Instead of being compassionate the right way, one senior official in sports used my disability ( handicap) as a reason for denying me from earning a honest living.

Obviously that was not the reason why I did not get the job as it was merely an excuse for him to shoot down my placement, as my presence would have jeopardised his carefully laid out plans.

But being the lack of a man he is, rather then actually sit down and talk to me, his evil character opted to do the easier thing out, trying to be pitiful but with a knife ready to stab me in my back!

This individual, let God know who it is, has put sand in my rice bowl and let me here promise that I will now put a boulder in his path in trying to destroy sports die to his greed and obvious distaste for honesty, good governance and transparency,

Sports should and ought to have no place for such shoddy characters, and those who ridicule handicaps.

Imagine his contention , not directly said yo me but to others, that his objection to me joining the institution was that my mobility and my diskysis was going to make it tough for me.

Well let’s just start, as I pen this from my bed and as you scum of a character lie on your I’ll gotten gains.

I have undergone 14 operations in 26 months in a period of 2014 to 2016.

I undergo dialysis three tunes a week for the past 5 years three months.

Overall I have spent close to RM450,000 on my medical expenses.

I needed a job as I want to carry on living and never and will not depend on handouts.

This a decent job, that will not exert physical pressure was something I could manage.

And since you are bloody naive and relatively stupid in making judgements on dialysis, kindly remember that it is a four hour process, and one that can be done after office hours,

Perhaps this individual does not know what it means to be a handicap and being a god fearing person. I would not wish for such things to befall upon him.

But when it is your agenda that’s important then a persons well being, I only have one thing to say to him – let god show you no mercy for I intend to do just that.

You obviously are no man, hence when you wake up this morning, check if you still have them, for I think you are lesser of a Msn that I am, despite my handicap of having a tie amputated and losing my kidneys.

But what really irks me is using the term for f “ friend”.

A friend shows genuine concern, a friend goes out of the way to help, and more importantly a friend does not expect anything in return.

But when you had no balls to face me but go around saying it was out of concern that you injected to me, it only proves one thing – you are just a parasite using sports to uplift your failed political career.

You think money is everything?

Always remember this phrase – there are no pockets as you lie at your wake, dressed in n a lion cloth, there are no cupboards in The Coffin you will be buried in and of course there will be too much heat in Hell where you will rot hoping you take your wealth to,

In short you insulted the entire generation of dialysis patients and handicaps in your assessment of me.

Now mark my words – it will be this handicap that will expose and destroy your carefully laid out plans, I swear by God.

And by the way me returning your 2 years of duit raya was to show you I do not need your pity.

Use it for your self as hell has no fury like a cacat scorned.