When regulations are ignored.

The sports that were placed in Category B had till September 20 to make good their payments.

While most paid up to OCM on or before that period, there was one sports association that truly took the honours.

They issued a post dated cheque as part payment for their Athletes and this is truly unprecedented.

If this is to be tolerated, then why have rules or regulations in the first place?

And ironically this sane national body is sending three delegates to the congress of its international body when it is only allocated a single all paid for delegate.

Only one delegate is required as there is only one vote, but to send three and issue a post dates cheque for athletes is surely a class act in terms of where the priority lies.

Another sport association that is beleaguered by selection issues has seen their participation being put on hold, as the Selection Committee will meet on Sept 28 to make a final decision.

In reality the recommendations of the special panel headed by Tan Sri Jegathesan were never followed and its fast becoming a joke the entire charade on the selection of Athletes for the SEA Games.

We are still waiting for the digitilisation of the entire process as the OCM website is still lagging.

Perhaps that is why 400k needs to be spent to hire a COO!