When truth hurts as scum bags bite reality in facing the wrath

Ever has the thought of ending your life crossed your mind?

Ever have you ever thought that life is not worth living?

Ever have you been so dejected by false promises and thought you have been used one too many tines?

Ever has it crosses your mind that truthful virtues and honesty is just pure bull shit as those who are corrupt, abuse positions and power crazy are the ones with a joyful life?

Ever realised that in sports the key term towards glory and self proclaimed fame is saying “ who pays your salary”?

I never played the sport but I can manipulate the sport as I am a politician?

Why am I being so negative today?

It is caused by the negative vibes around me.

I have been a regular to UMCC for the past 4 weeks.

My parathyroid are showing weird reading in the two blood tests I went through.

Already on maximum drugs fir this, the readings shot up 100 per cent within 4 weeks, even doctors were baffled.

An operation? My 15th since 2014?

To be honest , I just am not able to afford it, hence the second best solution – add on the drugs and that will cost me RM6,000 over three months.

Or spend three times that amount Abd opt for surgery next month.

But one problem, I look after my Dad and no one else will as it’s obvious.

A catch 22 situation here but I will need to find a solution.

Hence mentally I am weak at this moment, so naturally when ones back against the wail where else do we turn to, God?

Sorry but I have turned into a non believer, after seeing all the evil done have done yet live in richness and totally abuse their body.

Imagine an individual that cheated me not one but twice.

In 2013 he purchased my KL house furniture at a price of RM1,500 but never paid till today, despite buying titles.

Then in 2018 goes to Danok to enjoy but refuses to pay his share of RM342 for the trip.

A true parish he is as he goes around badmouthing me, in reality though he is actually cursing himself , taking advantage of clients .

Then there is a group of individuals that put together who have nothing kind to talk about others but who actually are uneducated, pea brained and without balls.

Not to worry I pay my dues on earth but karma strikes not on you but your generation.

In sports, the nation as I clearly stated is doomed.

January 1 is the day we are to return to sports, but 10 days after that announcement was made, the greatest of all NSC Director General has yet to provide guidelines.

Oh yes before we forget was it not Nov 6 that we were told, with a correction by the Sports Minister of the allocation of RM55 million for sports development but not an iota of information after that.

I have one question for the Sports Minister though, why was there no such program undertaken prior to this when this same NSC DG served under the two previous Sports Ministers?

A no brainer really as most of this sports delivered medals at multi sports events even compared to those in Podium Program.

Any why the coverup of the Task Force Report on Podium Review?

Why the lack of transparency and make the report public?

Covering for incompetency and abuse of power are choice words that one can think of in the failure in duty to make findings public.

Fortunate but unfortunately to some, I have the entire report left in a pen drive dropped outside my office in a brown envelope.

I have lost 90 per cent sight in my right eyes, but thank God almighty I have not lost sight of justice, truth and honesty.

Some claim that I use knowledge I have to threaten and blackmail these self proclaimed sports leaders.

Well I am prepared to face them in a public debate – bring on your claims of threats and black mail, I even challenge the current journalists who lack dignity and courage to report truth.

I only fear God is my motto and I dare say that most involved in sports are using sports to self glorify them selves and have no love for sports.

Current batch of those writing on sports cannot hold a matchstick let alone a candle to those filling up sports pages with honest reporting and devotion.

Today most of these upstarts want to say “ those” days were different, it was old fashioned journalism , but remember truth was the virtue that prevailed, not gifts, heresies, handouts and even bottles plus a big fat dinner.

I will prevail, no matter with one eye, not functioning kidneys, a parathyroid that is affecting my bones and makes it harder to walk, eventually leading to paralysis

Those who made use of me – may god shower that same pain if not more on you and your descendants.

Those who were once friends so as to exploit my generosity, may you burn in the fires of hell.

And ti those whom I deemed politicians, well you actually are scum bags as politicians are often portrayed.

Siapa Makan chilli Dia rasa pedas.