Who cares about sports?

What kind of society have we become?

Swears, promises, love, loyalty, just meaningless words

Yes there is much tension in Malaysia at the moment but the signs were already there for years before this, allowed to manifest by unscrupulous individuals that only think about themselves.

If we think that the overall political situation is bad, just look at sports – often referred to as a tool for unity, a tool to bring together different races, religions, in the name of fair play, towards one common level playing field.

Sports in this country over the years had changed – not for the better but for the worse.

Do not look only at international achievements in sports as a yardstick towards determining our success, look at the disunity it has caused amongst many of us.

Where is the comradeship that is often championed in sports?

Where is the unifying factor in sports where one race never dominated any particular team sport?

Where is democracy in sports when there were no factions in holding positions in sports bodies?

Where is meritocracy in sports where only the best are selected, elected, appointed?

If you were to ask me, total bullshit any of the above exists in sports in this country,

The last bastion of sports in the country, an individual who gave most of his life towards the promotion and progress of sports in this nation , Dato Sieh Kok Chi broke down in tears infront of me.

“ What has become of sports? Just look at OCM today, it pains me to see how it is merely an institution that exists in name but in reality all our responsibilities have been usurped by others,” said the teary eyed 81 year old.

“ I blame myself for this, I trusted the wrong people and today I see things that we built with blood, sweat and tears being dismantled right before my eyes.

“ The truth of the matter is the NSA’s are too dependent on the NSC who have taken the liberty to be the be all and know all

“ Why has this happened, simply because the current officials are either easily intimidated or just have the could not care attitude.

“ It has always been about them and not the spurt and this is the culture of our sports – bd leaders and await the handouts.

“ The subsidy mentality has now moved from the general public to spirts.”

Kok Chi is spot on, as one looks at the manner in which the selection of Athletes for the SEA Games was done.

The panel headed by Tab Sri Jegathesan made some very good recommendations in setting the criteria and basis for selection of Athletes.

But that remained merely recommendations which were accepted but then largely ignored.

There is always this talk of more professionalism, accountability and governance in sports in this country over the past decade or two.

This is merely hogwash, an attempt to cloud in efficiency with usage of big words .

The trend today is hiring of full time Administrators – from CEO,’s, COO’ and General Manager’s to full time highly paid General Secretaries.

Coming from an era of great Administrators like Dato Paul Mony, Dato Peter Vellapan, S. Satgunam, N. Balasubramaniam, David Wee, Dato Viji, NA Baskaran , Dato Punch Gunalan and many more, the difference between then and now is merely two things.

And that is passion in the past and the lust for mega bucks today.

One example is FAM, for in 2005 they only had 42 full time staff, including coaches and ran the M- League.

Today the numbers are 120 with MFL which administers the league having 50 on their payroll.

Any improvement in Football? Who are we kidding?

Hockey was a one man show – Satgunam doing all administration , but today with at least 15 full time office staff the quality is just not there.

And let’s not even go to NSC which during Dato Wira Mazlan tenure had 400 staff but today exceeds more then a thousand.

So look at the disunity and malfunction in sports to understand that it all boils down to one thing – the desire for power by some, the desire to build and empire, the desire to be the know all and be all – yet deliver nothing.

Let’s just shoot the messengers who are pure and honest for sports and in place put in cronies that will be willing to sell their souls to enrich their pockets.

Who cares about spirts in this country?

Certainly not those heading the Ministry, NSC, ISN, OCM or some NSA’s.

Dismantling legacies is now the number on sport in this country.