Who needs a manifesto for FAM elections!

Money, more money and much more money.

That seems to be the catchphrase by candidates seeking office in the forthcoming Football Association of Malaysia elections on March 25.

The general perception is that money is the solution to our Football ills and only more money can resolve the issues, be it from the national teams to club Football.

But has any candidate provided a manifesto that touched on how he or she will help improve our Football fortunes?

No one talks about development, well not at least in the correct frame other then saying we will pump more money into development,

What is the blueprint for development? What will you as a candidate do towards development other then saying I will look into development?

Talk is not just easy but it is cheap.

We have the multi million ringgit National Football Development Program, so let’s wait and see if money was the answer as it is supposed to provide us with the next generation of players.

Where is the Mission and vision of the candidates trying to get into the seats into the FAM Exco for the next four years?

It is not a question of giving more money to states or not accepting the RM50 for attendances at meetings as I also refused to accept that money when I attended meetings at FAM.

Even Sports Minister Khairy Jamaluddin did not take a single cent in terms of allowances or Travelling claims when he was Deputy President at FAM.

What we are critics want to see is how serious the candidates are in helping Football in the country.

Come up with your vision and Mission in terms of improving the quality of the league, development, getting states to organise their leagues like the Dunhill League, Burnley Cup, referees development, how to move up the rankings, future planning, identify the issues affecting Football other than money – things like Nor depending on handouts from state governments in order to have a Football team.

These are real life issues, not just money as more money means more problems and no amount of money can ensure that the sport will achieve high standards.

Look at creating leagues for kids, reviving the business houses leagues to have corporate bodies invest in players, create a feeling that life is nothing without Football,

But looking at things now and how these candidates have approached things, I can probably say that their current Mission and Vision is as follows;

Get elected, enjoy the perks that come with it, hope for handouts from the new President, secure contracts for cronies and self, be popular amongst affiliates and above all never speak up against the President in order to survive the 4 years peacefully and sue anyone that writes bad about Football.

There you have it, the Mission and Vision in a nutshell,

Will anyone take up the challenge and come out with a plan other then holding on to the tailcoat of the incoming president to claim to be in his team of chosen ones?