Who will be the Sports Minister

While the rest of the country awaits the list of the Muhyiddin Cabinet, those in the sports fraternity are watching keenly who will be appointed the Sports Minister.

One thing is certain though, the person to be appointed will not have the initials SS.

Meaning it will not likely be Syed Sadiq, Steven Sim or Satwant Singh.

The outdoing Minister had self praises himself, citing the many deeds he achieved in his 19 months in office.

But he conveniently forgot to mention all the destruction to sports, through his refusal to listen to any views, letting the NSC Director General totally to run sports as if he was the Minister.

From the removal of the Podium Project to ignoring to meet the national sports association , even not once visiting the Olympic Council of Malaysia, the umbrella body for sports in the country.

Sadiq’s contention that he raised RM5 million for para sports dwarfs his predecessor Khairy Jamaluddin who gave the para Athletes equal recognition as the able bodied ones.

So really there is nothing to shout about the past 19 months except failures being swept under the carpet, right from the Asian Games to Sea Games.

Enough said.

Now as the nation awaits. So do we as who will be the Sports Minister?

No it will not be Khairy as he has done his tour of duty at the Ministry.

If at all he is in the cabinet, he probably will helm another ministry, that is if Muhyiddin does the right thing by including the Rembau MP.

Generally the Sports Minister’s position is a junior one, often reserved for the youth chiefs of of the political parties.

This makes Umno Youth Chief Asyraf Wajidi Dusuki as the front runner. The only problem is that he needs to be appointed a Senator in order to be a Minister as he is not a Parliamentarian.

However a dark horse is outgoing Perak Menteri Besar Ahmad Faizal Azumu, who is MP for Tambun.

He can count on the knowledge from his sister in law Datuk Nolee Ashilin Mohamed Radzi, who is the independent Perak State assemblywoman for Tualang Sekah.

Nolee was a Special Officer for the then Sports Minister Dato Azalina Othman Said.

Another name being bandied is former Deputy Sports Minister Dato Razali Ibrahim who lost the MP Muar post to Sadiq in the last general elections.

The rank outsider who also ought to be considered by the Prime Minister is Umno Youth vice-chief Shahril Sufian Hamdan.

An advocate of racial harmony, he is best suited for the position as sports is a great tool towards racial integration.

Whatever the decision made by TSMY, one thing is certain – a huge task awaits the incoming Sports Minister.

And one of the Hirst thing he needs to do is manage the NSC and bring them down to earth.