Will Beng Choo go for broke?

Will Dato Low Beng Choo do what some may perceive as the unthinkable as well as the impossible – which is to go for the Presidents position in the upcoming OCM elections?

With her back virtually against the wall, it is learnt from insiders that she is toying with that idea.

This comes about after news leaked out on the potential challenge to her position as Hon. Secretary by current Vice President Dato Nazifuddin Najib.

Sources close to her have indicated such a scenario but Beng Choo was quick to debt it when asked.

Often the outspoken one, the 59 year old was tongue tied when the question was posed.

All she offered was a reply that is so cliche these days when the question is raised to Officials “ Its still early days.”

But at the OCM Board meeting this evening those early days could well be cut from initial date of AGM of June 30 to May 5.

And suddenly two months of campaign time could be lost and the battle lines drawn up, all scuffing for votes.

By the way, there is also a move to hold an EGM before the AGM in order to move some constitutional amendments and this could well be discussed at the Board meeting this evening.

However should she decide to go for broke, there is no doubt she will put up a good fight against Dato Seri Norza Zakaria.

Norza is deemed to be a President elect, but in elections one never knows when the certain could become the uncertain.

Beng Choo knows that she will face a difficult task against Nazifuddin and could well decide to go down with one last stand rather then a whimper.

And she knows that she can rely in help from those on Jalil Hill as it’s quite obvious she is in good standing with the agencies based there.

As for a Norza, he was to be the fresh new wave to have helmed OCM into the next decade.

However from the ground there seems to be some doubts creeping in though not many are willing to talk openly.

As for the Deputy position, Dato Azim Zabidi will likely face a challenge from FAM Secretary General Dato Hamidin Mohd Amin.

It is now emerging that the “ third force” could well be a reality instead of a possibility.

Names such as Tan Sri Anwar ( Who challenged Tunku Imran in the last elections) are emerging as potential candidates for the President’s position.

Sadly though amongst the list of potential candidates, the former Athletes seem to be left out.

Currently there are only four office bearers within the OCM Board that have represented the country.

Imran ( Squash), Mumtaz Jaafar ( athletics) Beng Choo ( Netball ) and Dato Sieh Kok Chi ( waterpolo) are those who have donned the national jersey,

Mumtaz and Kok Chi represented the country at the very least in the SEA Games and only Mumtaz at Asian Games level besides winning medals at Sea Games.

With Kok Chi and Imran making it clear that they have no intention in seeking re-election, and with positions of Mumtaz and Beng Choo under threat, OCM could well end up to be a ship without navigators or a flight without flight engineers.

Watching from the sidelines, I feel that some sort of compromise ought to be reached by all parties concerned.

And the one person that can endure a stable OCM and play a statesman role is Norza.

He ought to bring the feuding factions ( though no one will admit they are at odds) and sort this out before it becomes ugly.

In doing so Norza will be able to show that he has the leadership skills required to steer OCM through troubled waters.

Unless something is done, unless those who really have sports at heart helm positions, unless a split is averted, unless those with a chip on their shoulder lose it, unless to serve instead of to be served is practiced, I fear OCM will end up like most of its affiliates – where camps and cliques rule the roost no matter how naive and oblivious they are to the needs of sportsmanship, FairPlay and Justice.

We can only pray that common sense will prevail.

Note; I have no affiliation, support, soft spot or am in anyway canvassing for any individual in out trying to get into OCM.