Will sports restart soon and concern on Bukit Jalil Camp

Is there light at the end of the tunnel?

Will social sports resume soon now that selected high performance sports are restarting on June 1 ?

With at least four Sports Ministers, past and current in the National Security Council, will they push for sports to resume, albeit strict Standard Operating Procedures?

These are questions that the general public are asking.

Honestly Youth & Sports Minister Dato Seri Reezal Merican Naina Merican May not be able to answer.

Simply because he too is bound by decisions taken by the NSC which stands guided by the Ministry of Health.

Owners of sports facilities such as gyms, Badminton halls, Futsal courts, Swimming pools, aerobic centres, Football fields and others are bleeding.

Bleeding so much that some may never return and with so many of our “ padangs” eaten up by so called development, we just can not afford to allow this forced closure.

While the media has daily focussed on the malaise with regards to the M-League resuming, has anyone bothered to highlight the plight of Badminton hall owners that number between 20-25 in the Klang Valley.

No, and why? It’s simple these kind of stories need legwork or effort but football is always there by making one call.

Never-mind the fact that the media wiped out Perlis and now focus on Kelantan as their next victims

And mind one ask why not Melaka? Cos they enjoy privileges of a certain individual whom you guys are shot scared to write about?

Ok, in all probability Football will be allowed to resume training real soon, and the league could restart before the September dateline.

There you go, now go find out when and how, I am not telling you.

Perhaps you can start hounding the double FAM/MFL President Dato Hamidin Amin who probably is recovering from his take of lemang, rendang and Dodol.

Sports facilities should be allowed to operate – probably at 50 per cent of their facilities.

Meaning if there are 29 courts. Only 10 to be used at any given time.

And there be a break if an hour from one booking to another to allow sanitisation to take place.

For gyms, they could allow 19 customers for a 45 minute session and also sanitise the equipment in between the next entry of customers.

Of course the Badrol c fundamentals of the SOP needs to be adhered – no close conversation, no close contact and no confined space.

Therefore this is workable if the owners adapt the best practices scenarios in order to get their businesses the green light to operate.

The key factors here is to restart the sports economy and that can only be fine if the NSC agrees .

Which now brings the concern of the cluster at the immigration depo in Bukit Jalil.

The location is of extreme concern given the fact that it’s around 3km from the National Sports Council where the Road to Tokyo Athletes are due to resume training on June 1.

Had any thought been given to this?

The best option is to be strict in the movement in and out of NSC.

And to do this, rely on the Army or Police to endorse strict movement controls.

Not the Guards who will just allow any Tom, Dick and Harry to pass through waving their authority.

Time to make changes the right honourable Minister.

Let’s wait and see what happens.