Writing with fear or favour

Penning truths has its consequences,

Rather then accept truth as it has been reported, those who reveal truths eventually go through loads of mindless tortures, ranging from being shunned, to being called all sorts of names and innuendos and their attempts to write truths curtailed by threats of litigation, lawyering up, and of late using underhand tactics to surprise the truths by paying off some to write otherwise,

Why has sports come to this extent that journalist today are “ embarrassed” to report the truth?

Why are our sports pages littered with “ feel good@ stories, even yo the extent of Apple polishing certain leaders in sports when all they do is lie all the time?

Why are we so susceptible to taking things for granted, never wanting to dig deeper, never wanting to look at things from a different perspective?

Are sports journalists now merely sports reporters? Never do they want to try to see if they are being taken for a ride by some whom I deem as failed “ Politicians” surviving in sports self glorification.

We have over the past decades had household names in sports journalism, I dare not name them for one simple reason – for fear of hurting any that I may leave out,

These were true sports journalists, who wrote things as they were – without fear or favour.

But today, one will have to search for a needle in a haystack to find such caliber sports Journalists.

Why has this happened? Are they too scared now?

It all boils down to leadership of sports bodies.

Those days we had sports leaders who could take a punch when giving one, leaders who understood that it was futile to hide facts and truths. Leaders that could be held accountable and always placed the interests of the sports above self,

Today that will be a far fetched idea.

You get leaders who use their “ connections” to make that phone call to your bosses, or get their lawyers to send you letters of demand to instil fear in you.

Why do I call them failed Politicians?

Simply because they failed in their political agendas and use sports to rise again in society, never mind the fact they would have never played a sport in their lives.

And these unscrupulous leaders as they want to be called, have on their bandwagon a set of L bodeking” officials who probably never made their school teams in any sports,

And not forgetting some whom they place their complete faith in either were just imaginary internationals or those who pay scant respect to constitutions in order to gain positions or prolong their shelf life.

For how long are we prepared to let this go on?

In the past the only pages that carried stories without fear or favour in the mainstream media used to be the sports pages,

But today that is changed to “ with fear and for favours” syndrome.

Gone are the days when sports leaders used to cringe in fear when certain journalists enter their media conference armed with a notepad and a pen.

Today the pen is no longer mightier then the sword. Half truths matter more then anything else. And understandably it’s fear for losing their source of bread and butter that prevents my colleagues from writing or reporting truths.

Always remember that there is judgement day once your time is over on earth,

And you will be judged by what you did, not how many sports leaders you played ball with.

Always remember one thing- you are in s position to make changes for the betterment of sports in the country so you have a major role.

And to these sports leaders, it’s then to change your modus operandi – be more sincere, more accommodating, more open and more truthful.

Then you have nothing to fear for like you, the sports journalists too are doing things for the love of our great nation,